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When you’re making your health and happiness a priority again (while letting go of the guilt) sometimes a simple conversation is just the support you need. Book a free session to get clarity on what’s next.







Autoimmune Resolution Coaches

Katherine helps you find freedom from fear

Certified Trauma-Informed Coach | Bachelor’s in Nursing
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Katherine is the Creator of the Autoimmune Resolution™ method and a former registered nurse and autoimmune patient.

Danielle identifies your root cause conflict

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner | Certified Holistic Nutritionist | Certified Holistic Health Coach
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Danielle has always had a passion for holistic health and mindset work. Experiencing her own share of chronic illnesses, including Lyme and EBV, as well as childhood trauma, she brings understanding, compassion, and the tools to help you overcome your illnesses.

Danielle utilizes nutrition and detoxing to help support the body as it heals, emotional release techniques, and mindset work. She has been able to help many women get their health back without fear, so they can be fully present and enjoy life again!


Guilt-Free Self-Care Coaches

Heather focuses on creating a high-quality life 

Certified Chronic Wellness Coach Certified | Certified Nutritional Counselor | Board Certified Esthetician | More
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HP is a wife, daughter, sister, friend, and fur baby mama who has been traveling the autoimmune health journey since infancy. She realizes that even though the body was designed to heal, sometimes despite your best efforts it just doesn’t. So, “Now what?” Not to worry! Now it’s about designing joyful and hopeful living, which may produce space for healing along the way.

Together you will discover your personal definition of quality-of-life, champion your process, and maintain joy despite life’s hurdles. By focusing on pacing, busting through roadblocks, reducing accidental off-roading, and finding rest – it’s possible to stay on your quality-of-life path!

Sylvia promotes self-care to recover from chronic fatigue

Certified Chronic Wellness Coach | Counselor
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More of Sylvia’s story coming soon!


Chronic Wellness Coaches

Savannah shows you how to reclaim your identity after illness

Certified Chronic Wellness Coach | Integrative Wellness Coach | Bachelor’s in Outdoor Education
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Savannah has been on her own lifelong journey with chronic illness starting when she was just a young child. Her goal is to help you live a life that supports your body’s needs and allows you not to constantly focus on fixing illness, but instead live the way you dream of living when you are “fully healed”.

Savannah personally believes that total wellness looks like not just doing as many health-related practices as you can each day but instead also involves adding in foods, experiences, relationships and etc., that align with your needs, values, and dreams. Together let’s explore what your identity is outside of illness.


Nutrition Coaches

Sarina teaches functional nutrition for gut health

Integrative Wellness Coach | Certified Chronic Wellness Coach | Master’s Certificate
in Functional and Integrative Nutrition
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Sarina is a nutrition coach working with BIPOC individuals with chronic illnesses and pain, especially GI conditions. Sarina’s goal is to help people find balance using food as medicine and support them to thrive through coaching.

Her challenges with her own autoimmune disease inspired Sarina to become a Wellness Coach and Functional Nutritionist. She helps others feel empowered and supported along their wellness journey through nutrition consulting and coaching.

Christine heals with diet, lifestyle, herbs, and exercise

Certified Chronic Wellness Coach | Master’s in Public Policy | Bachelor’s in French and Business
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Christine knows that an autoimmune diagnosis can feel overwhelming, isolating, and confusing because she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

To uncover the root causes of Christine’s conditions, she devoted hundreds of hours to reading books written by doctors, medical journals, and studies. Christine worked with many different practitioners, from rheumatologists, gastroenterologists, naturopaths, functional doctors, doctors of Chinese medicine, acupuncturists, and osteopaths – learning something from each one.

But ultimately, she became her own best healer, making inflammation reduction her top priority through daily dietary and lifestyle practices. As a result, she has eliminated 90% of all Rheumatoid Arthritis pains and completely resolved her thyroid issues. Now, as a coach, her goal is to empower women with chronic health conditions, helping them to find their own paths to healing.